The Riesling interprets the Rheingau terroir expressively and elegantly. The vines in our vineyards are old, some have been on our steep slopes for 70 years. Naturally limited by soil and old vines and selected by hand, the highest quality of our wines is our claim.

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Winterprobe 2019

Liebe Gäste und Weinliebhaber,

wir wurden erneut ausgezeichnet: mit dem 1. Platz der VINUM Verkostung „RIESLING CRUS weltweit“ für die 2015er Lorcher KRONE.

Dies nehmen wir zum Anlass, Ihnen an unserer Winterweinprobe am

Samstag, den 30. November 2019 von 11 bis 18 Uhr

eine Vertikale dieses Weines zu präsentieren.

Als besonderes Highlight öffnen wir eine Magnumflasche unserer Jubiläumsedition „KRONE 10 Jahre Weingut Eva Fricke“ – eine Selektion unserer ältesten Reben.

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Die Teilnehmerzahl unsere Winterweinprobe ist limitiert. Daher bitten wir Sie um Anmeldung!

Hier anmelden

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wine collection

Riesling and the Rheingau region belong together. We mainly grow Riesling, which we consider predisposed to best express the wonderful diversity of the Rheingaus’ terroir.

Our philosophy is simple and pure: clear and concentrated wines that reveal the nuances of nature, soil and vintage!
The estate wines express a blend of all the soils that the Rheingau has to offer. Our village wines show the amazing differences that the very different soils and microclimates found in the upper and lower Rheingau can produce. Our single vineyard wines make up the top of our portfolio with the highest fruit concentrations, fruit expressions and densities.

iticulture and vinification follow ecological standards since 2011 and vegan aspects since 2015. Our wines are registered by The Vegan Society and in July 2016 the domaine entered the EU-biocertification process.


RHEINGAU Riesling QbA dry
Rheingau cuvée, sandy loess & loam, clay, quartzite, slate, juicy and fruity, apple & peach aromas, dry finish.

VERDE Rheingau Riesling QbA off dry
Rheingau cuvée, sandy loess & loam, clay, quartzite, slate, fresh acidity, notes of citrus & texture of lemon curd.

MELLIFLUOUS Rheingau Riesling QbA off dry
Rheingau-cuvée, sandy loess & loam, clay, quartzite, slate, juicy and fruity, yellow & red raspberries, persimmon, off dry & vibrant liveliness.


KIEDRICH Riesling QbA dry
Cuvée from sites of Kiedrich, sandy loam, clay in the subsoil, partially quartzite notes of kumquat & candied citrus fruit, fruity.

LORCH Riesling QbA dry
Cuvée from sites of Lorch, gray slate, citrus aroma, juicy on the palate, dense structure, mineral-salty finish.

WISPERWIND Lorcher Riesling QbA off dry
Cuvée from sites of Lorch, gray slate & quartzite, peach, watermelon, refreshing, fruity and salty.


ELEMENTS Rheingau Riesling QBA dry
Notes of peach, apricot & mirabelle, crystalline, dry finish.

Lorchhäuser SELIGMACHER Riesling QbA off dry
Slate floors interspersed with quartzite, notes of peach & passion fruit, animating acidity, crystalline, mineralsalty finish.

Lorcher KRONE Riesling QbA dry
Slate floor with chalk subsoil, aromas of yellow fruits and herbs, complex, elegant structure, silky texture.

Lorcher SCHLOSSBERG Riesling QbA
Gray slate & chalk, candied pineapple and mango, harmonious sweetness and acidity balanced by extreme salty mineral, creamy aftertaste with mineral length.


Gray slate & chalk, lychee, passion fruit & rose petals, crystalline, filigree & clear almost salty minerality.

Lorcher SCHLOSSBERG Riesling SPÄTLESE Goldkapsel 0,375 l
Gray slate & chalk, crystalline & purest fruit essence of nectarine, mango & candied citrus fruit, creamy texture.


Rheingau PINOT NOIR ROSÉ QbA trocken
Aromas of cherries & currant Lorcher Krone.

Lorcher Krone WEISSBURGUNDER QbA trocken
Slate floor with chalk subsoil, cantaloupe, nutty and fruity, elegant & versatile with warm generous texture.

Lorchhäuser Seligmacher SILVANER QbA trocken
Slate floors interspersed with quartzite, straightforward, discreet, mineral & a hint of gooseberry.


2016 Pinot Noir Rosé Brut Nature
Notes of strawberry, black currant and brioche, creamy & tender texture, intense and fine perlage, delicate Champagne style.

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